In your life you’ve probably referred so many items to your friends/family. What if we told you, you could make a commission by referring all the items you love? This is why Referboard exists. It’s a board, with all the items you have referred from your favourite retailers.

We’re here to help YOU make commission when you refer an item you genuinely love to a friend/family or even your social media followers. The person you refer the product to gets an extra discount on top, so that’s a win win for both of you.

You can categorise things

You have a board with all the items you love

Your friends/family/social media followers can easily access your Referboard at:

They can shop and get things at a further discount, whilst you earn commission.

Want a discount of your own?

You can simply use the link from the item/s that you’ve referred on your board and purchase as normal. The commission will be added to your account.

Are you an Influencer?

People are following you simply because they love the content you post on your social media feed. Why not monetise it? After all, this isn’t a sponsored post and integrates organically into your blog, IG stories (swipe up links for accounts with 10K+ following) or even a link in your Instagram bio.

If you’re a blogger, you can easily integrate Referboard into your blog. This blog gives you a step to step guide on how to do this.

Here’s an example from one of our favourite referrer Steph Claire Smith.

We have a large list of retailers that you can get discounts from.

I live in the 21st century and only use my mobile

Sounds like you?

Let’s admit, everything is more convenient on our mobile and nothing is worse than webpages that take forever to load or doesn’t even fit on our mobile screens.

Lucky for you, Referboard works just fine on Apple and Android. Here are some easy instructions for Apple users and Android users.

Still lost?

Don’t worry,¬†That Modern Dude¬†will give you a clear and easy explanation.

Check out his review here.

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