Now that you know how to refer products on desktop using Referboard, it’s time to start categorising your favourite items into Collections. Collections allow you to categorise your referrals in whichever way you like, making it easier for you to group your items, your followers to access your items, and for you to integrate specialty edits into your own blog.


What Is A Collection?

Put simply, a collection is a series of products curated by you, for your audience. While your Referboard is a selection of products that you love and recommend, Referboard Collections allow you to break down and divide those products into your own categories. These can be as simple as “Clothing” or “Artwork,” or as specific as “Christmas Gifts For Him” or “My Favourite Watches”. Collections also make it easier to integrate your Referboard selections into your own blog. Rather than adding your entire Referboard to a blog post, you can make a Collection specific to the products you’re recommending in that post. Simply add your custom Collection into your post and you’ve turned your blog into your own online store.


How Do I Create A Referboard Collection?

There are two ways to create collections using Referboard.

If you have already been referring products and want to divide them into new collections (without visiting the retailer’s website to re-add each product to your Board), start by opening up Referboard in your browser. Click “Collections” (this can be found next to “Products” and beneath your number of followers) then hit “Create A Collection”.


Give your new Collection a relevant name, and you’re ready to go! To add already referred items to your collection, head back to your Referboard, select the product you wish to categorise, click the Edit option then use the drop down menu to move your item into a Collection.


See an item you’d love to refer, but haven’t created a Collection for it to slot into yet? You can also create a Collection whilst referring products. After hitting the Referboard browser extension to refer a product, simply click “Collection” after selecting the best images of your item.


Rather than choosing an existing collection, you can choose to “Create a New Collection”. Once your collection has been created, you can add previously referred products from your Referboard to it, or you can add products as you refer them.

Start creating collections today.

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