Are you a fashion lover constantly recommending products to your Instagram followers? An interior design devotee, with friends who always turn to you for advice on homewares? Perhaps you’re a blogger constantly referring your readers to your favourite online stores. Do you want to track how many users are taking your advice and buying based on your recommendations?


Your own Online Store

Referboard allows you to refer products, be they clothing, beauty products, homewares or even technology, to your followers, friends and family and then earn commission for sales generated. Refer as many or as few products as you like and turn your website into your dream edit – a curated online boutique designed by you for the people you want to connect with. Referboard allows you to make shopping a uniquely social experience. Own your own blog? Its easy to add your Referboard in order to transform it into an online store, tailored by you for your readers. You can also use Referboard collections to curate your own product edits, then add them into more specific blog posts.






Earn Commission 

For each sale made through your Referboard, you’ll earn a commission determined by the retailer. This can be anything from 5% up to 20% or more! This means you can quite literally turn your habit into a passive income. You can also use your own Referboard to make purchases for yourself, which allows you to deduct your commission off the retail price and save money buying products on your wish list. The good news is, you don’t necessarily need to own the products you want to refer.






Retailer Benefits

Are you a retailer looking to reward your customers and influencers? Referboard gives you a new way of tracking your influencer sales whilst engaging with a new audience. Stores can see which influencers are having the greatest engagement rates after recommending your products, as well as seeing which of their products are the most in-demand.







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