One of the most effective ways to make sales using Referboard and to generate a passive monthly income is to add your Referboard to your own blog or website. This way, you’ll be able to capitalise on your preexisting followers, allowing them to shop your recommendation directly on your site, rather than having to redirect them to your Referboard shop or simply hope that they land on it themselves. Enhance your exposure using our External Shop widget, which will display your Referboard products and collections while also enabling your website user to utilise the internal search and filtering options.

How to find the External Shop Code

To add your Referboard to your website, you need to start by locating the External Shop tab on your Referboard Dashboard. Visit your own Referboard, click “My Sales” towards the top right of the page, then click “External Shop” under the “Widgets” header of the left menu bar.


Identify the right instructions for you

Once you’ve landed on the External Shop page, simply select your blog or website host from the WordPress, WIX or Square Space options. Once you’ve made your selection, a new tab will open with thorough yet easy to follow instructions.


Customise your Referboard External Shop

There are several different ways to add Referboard to your own website or blog. You can choose to create a new “Shop” page on your website, add your board to an existing page or blog post, and choose between displaying your entire Referboard or a specific Collection. Choosing where your Referboard will be displayed is as simple as creating a new page or opening an existing page while pasting your External Shop Code into the backend of your website. To customise the External Shop Code to display your Products or Collections, simply scroll to the bottom on the page (beneath the External Shop Code), then make your choice under the “Customise” header.


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