The Referboard family is constantly growing as more and more online retailers are understanding the power of influencer affiliation and just how they can use these connections to transform their presence in the digital sphere.


The Power of Influencers

secondary_image_006_01We all know that social media influencers are just that – influential! Did you know 74% of consumers now make purchasing decisions based on their social networks, and referred customers are 4 times more likely to buy. Pinpointing precisely where and from whom your sales are coming from can be difficult. So how can you, and your business, keep track of just how influential the bloggers and personalities you work with are?

By referring via Referboard, influencers select the products they’d like to refer from your store, and add them to an existing curation of their favourite pieces. This ensures the referrals are organic and on brand for them, which providing incredibly genuine referrals for your business. You can then use Referboard to track how many sales are being made via Referboard and by exactly which influencers.


Great for Big and Small

Referboard is great for larger companies looking to strengthen their social networks and the perfect way for smaller online retailers to boost exposure in a global market. Referboard users can not only refer products direct from your website, but also search for products and categories on the Referboard website.

Your products will be featured with those from Sephora and Asos, two of the world’s most prolific online retailers! Referboard allows your business to strengthen your influencer relationships, boost online sales all the while rubbing shoulders with the biggest names in global e-commerce.

Since launching in August 2016, Referboard has already partnered with hundreds of retailers including Gucci, David Jones, BNKR and The Iconic. You can see the active list here.


Seamless Setup for all eCommerce Platforms



Referboard supports easy integration with Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento eCommerce platforms. If you use an alternative platform don’t worry, we also support bespoke solutions that can be accessed through the Referboard dashboard after registration.


To get started with Referboard please register here. If you would like more information please contact