Welcome to the Product Update series – your destination for all things new with Referboard. We’re always working on a huge collection of major and minor product improvements and have assembled a list of the team’s recent achievements.


For Retailers

  • Shopify retailers can now register and install the Referboard App
  • Sales feed in dashboard released to enable easy real-time transaction tracking
  • Account settings restructure of Payments and Notification settings to enable easy navigation
  • Introduced ABN and GST options to Account settings and Retailer Registration
  • Refer Button edit options and instructions improved for easy editing


For Referrers

  • Improved item filtering throughout Referboard and external boards, improving the shopping experience
  • Introduced ABN and GST options to Account settings for Australian Tax purposes
  • Added Tumblr as an approved External Board environment, instructions found within your dashboard External Board tab


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