The face behind the amazing blog ‘On Any Given Day‘, Sally Donald spoke with us from Bali, Indonesia! Self-confessed shopaholic, Sally shares her favourite brands, trends and how Referboard allows her to reach her fans. Guiding us through her love of ‘elegant grunge’,  this superstar mum shows us just how you too can live the ‘coconut life’. 


After working in the corporate world for years, you moved with your two children and husband to Bali and started your blog ‘On Any Given Day’. What motivated this decision?

We were relocated to Bali for my husband’s work. At the time, I had my own online fashion label and have always had a passion for fashion – and a bit of a shopping addiction! I soon realised there was a great depth of designers and boutiques in Bali. It’s not all sarongs and flip flops here! Even more exciting was that I could shop my personal style here – elegant grunge. I started the blog to promote how to shop my style in Bali.


You describe finding a balance between work, fun and happiness as the ‘Coconut Life’. What are your biggest tips to finding this balance?

My Coconut Life is created through the flexibility of working online and for myself. My blog combined with the global health and wellness business I’m involved with allow me to work from wherever and whenever I want. It’s a perfect fit with our lifestyle in Bali which involves lots of travel and adventures.

How would you say your fashion changes between Bali and Sydney?

Obviously the heat plays a big part in my style here and is consistent through the year, not seasonal. I do miss my jeans!!! From day to day I generally wear the same thing – cut off denim shorts, paired with a  feminine top and either connies or Havaianas. My elegant grunge style is generally something grungy like denim, softened with a floral or soft fabric.


What made you interesting in joining Referboard?

With a growing social media following, I wanted the opportunity to share my style and allow people the ease of directly purchasing through my site. I’m a spontaneous shopper and if I see something I want it straight away, Referboard provides that option.


Who is the ultimate shopper you have in mind when referring your items?

Girls who love a bit of Elegant Grunge. Pretty but also down and dirty!


Who are your top 3 favourite brands to refer?

  1. One Teaspoon – my all time favourite brand.
  2. Auguste – love the mix of feminine grunge
  3. Nike – because I spend half my time in workout gear



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