We caught up with pilates instructor, model and now new mum to a beautiful 7 month old daughter, Deanna Buhagiar. This striking bombshell guides us through the importance of a healthy and balanced lifestyle, her passion for fashion and what you can expect from her Referboard!


You’re a pilates instructor, model and now a new mum! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got to where you are today?

I started modelling in my early 20s, about 10 years ago. Throughout that time I’ve worked in a few different part time roles including fashion/retail. I’ve always loved and have been interested in fashion and wellbeing. I really wanted to use my passion for wellbeing to help others and to be able to work that around having a family, so I decided to become qualified as a pilates instructor and I love it! Being a new mum is great and knowing the pilates method has helped me pre and post baby immensely, I can’t wait to get back into teaching and helping others with their goals!


You live and promote a healthy lifestyle, what motivates you to stay on track?

Being the best version of my self, feeling healthy mentally and physically is what I strive for everyday and what keeps me on track.

Congratulations on becoming a new mum! What would be your biggest piece of advice for new mums out there?

Well I’ve only been a mum for 7 weeks haha but I’d say just to go with the flow and don’t be too hard on yourself with regards to your expectations and how you think things “should be”. You’re doing a great job, everything will fall into place! Also, enjoy the everyday things because they do grow soooo fast and I could just cry looking back at how fast my baby girl has changed and grown in the last 7 weeks.


What is a saving grace product from your Referboard that has helped you through the first month with your daughter?

There are a few!! I’d definitely say the asap moisturizer/spf. With it being winter and always being in heated environments it really helps to keep my skin hydrated and even protected from the uv rays (yes they are still around in winter) so this is an all year round must have! The bonds nursing bras are amazingly comfortable and super easy to breastfeed bub anywhere, which makes life easy 🙂

What ignited your interest in fashion?

Being in the modelling industry definitely stepped my love for fashion up a notch for sure, also working in retail and being around the last trends ect.


How has Referboard help you portray your style and engage with your followers?

It makes it easier for myself and my followers! Instead of them commenting to ask where I got something from and then them having to search for that item in google or to go to the store online to find it, they just go straight to the link in my bio and see exactly where I purchased the item from and how much it is. Then they can click and get taken straight to store to purchase, nice and easy!


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