A gun on the runway since she was 15, Melbourne girl Tess Shanahan founded her company ‘Verve Superfoods’ in 2015 when she was only 19 and more recently created her blog ‘Tess Talks’, so it’s clear this girl has some serious motivation! We sat down with Tess to find out what she loves about Referboard, her tips for referring along with amazing insight about fashion, health and spirituality..and just where she got that drive!


You’re a model, presenter and business owner. Can you tell us a bit about what your different roles entail and what motivated your entrepreneurial spirit?

I like to keep myself busy! Otherwise, I get bored! Furthermore, if I’m not doing things, I feel like I’m not contributing to others and to myself. I’m driven by wanting to create change and feel like I’m doing something positive with life. I’m lucky because modelling is a great platform to use as a leverage in that sense.


You’ve just created your blog ‘Tess Talks’, what can we be expecting to hear about in these?

I’m blessed to have been able to call modelling my job for so many years already. It’s catapulting me into more media based opportunities which I’m really loving. Tess Talks is a cumulation of all these aspects, with an element of spirituality and thought provoking subjects. What really motivates me is learning, exploring and sharing such ideas with others.



How do you personally use your Referboard?

Through my line of work, I’m always associated with different brands. It gives me a great sense of what’s out there. My favourite looks and brands are posted on my Instagram, so Referboard now allows my followers direct links to these styles. It’s a really great way of sharing what I love with people, whilst honouring the brand.


While you obviously have a passion for fashion, you also promote a very healthy and active lifestyle. Do you think your Referboard reflects this versatility of your everyday life?

Most definitely. My Referboard has and will consist of everything I love, from styled streetwear, going out looks and my go-to activewear pieces. Even my everyday cosmetics are on there. That’s what’s so great about Referboard… Whatever I want to share, or whatever you might be looking for, it will be on there!



What advice would you give to someone wanting to get the most out of their Referboard?

Follow the people who’s style you love. Instagram is a great way to see completed looks and then be linked directly to that influencers Referboard. Voila!


Can you fill us in on what we can expect to see from you for the rest of 2017?

There are a few exciting things in store! Let’s just say, lots that will be food related! On the side of that, modelling continues to be nice and busy. More travelling is also on the horizon. So, get ready to see a bigger Referboard filled with more epic outfits from jobs, my suitcase and fave pieces from my cupboard!



Check out Tess’ Referboard here!







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