Melbourne-Based blogger and creative content gun, Imogen Micklewright-Hill, is obsessed with all things street-style, interior design and of course.. monochrome.  Imogen’s minimalistic style exudes classic Melbourne fashion and her passion is seriously inspiring.


We caught up with Imogen to see what her must-have items are and exactly how she’s using her Referboard. Check it out below!


Can you tell us a bit about yourself and the journey you’ve been on to get to this place in your career? 

I’ve always wanted to be an artist, creativity is something that has always been with me. As well as a love of clothes, being my own boss and doing something I adore is what drives me. I am grateful for having platforms that allow me to do this!


You’re style is very minimalistic with lots of black, white and grey, which your Referboard definitely reflects! What is it about this style that you love? 

I’ve worn black for as long as I can remember, its timeless and it frames everything. Grey to soften and lately more white to define.


You definitely have an eye for interior design. Can you fill us in on what you favourite design style is and what you look for in creating a great room? 

Thank you, I actually started my Instagram feed a while back as a mood board for my favourite interior spaces. I was working a very dull office job and needed a creative outlet. I am very lucky to be living in an apartment which is perfect for the minimal style, which I adore. When creating a great room, I stick with less is more, a few great books and living plants for air quality.



What made you excited to join Referboard? 

I had always wanted a platform which allowed me to point my followers in the direction of my favourite pieces. Referboard is super easy to set-up and once I had my account going the team were very helpful in adding my feed to my blog.


Have you found your style has evolved over the years? Do you think this will be reflected in the types of products you refer?
I think I have partially stepped away from my tomboyish days, although it’s still there in a pair of stomping boots or leather-look pant. So I would say look out for the most girly pieces on my Referboard and maybe a pop of colour here and there!


Do you have any exciting things coming up in 2017? 

Re-launch of my blog (yay!) and some more travel. Wardrobe wise, I am about to cut everything that I don’t ‘love’ or have not worn in 6 months. So keep your eyes peeled for some new favs which are sure to pop up on my Referboard!


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