You don’t have to be a blogger to earn money through Referboard. Do your friends and family come to you for recommendations on style, beauty, home decor or even technology? This is where tracking links come in handy.┬áSimply sign up to Referboard, use the browser or mobile plugin to start referring products, then send the tracking link to your friends and family to earn a commission on the sale- it also means the brands you refer can track how much business you’re bringing in!┬áBlogger or not, here’s 4 ways to use Referboard tracking links.

Via SMS Message

Is your friend asking where you got your outfit from? Your housemate looking for suggestions for art and furniture for the home? Text them the tracking link to the pieces you want them to see- they’ll be taken directly to the item, and you’ll earn a commission on any purchases they make on the website!


In Your Instagram Bio or Through a Direct Message

A popular way to use tracking links for bloggers and non-bloggers alike, using your Instagram to share products is a great way to generate revenue through Referboard. You can place a tracking link in your bio and direct your followers to click the link for outfit details from your latest Instagram post, or you can send a direct message to followers who enquire about looks you’re sporting in your posts or stories.


In Your Blog Posts

Including tracking links within the copy of your blog post gives you a second way of directing your readers to your Referboard (the first being adding images or collections throughout the post). You can insert tracking links into posts the same way you’d add any hyperlink. Your followers will be taken straight to the item when they click the relevant text, and you’re able to use Referboard to monitor how many click-throughs and sales your referrals are generating.


Via an Email or Newsletter

Do you send out a regular EDM or newsletter to followers of your blog or website? By peppering your emails with relevant tracking links, you’re able to make sales and earn commission before your subscribers have even clicked through to your blog!

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