Referboard is the ultimate tool when you need to share your favourite items with friends and followers. But what if you spot something you just have to share while you’re on the go? Don’t worry, download the Referboard app for iPhone and make shopping social wherever you are!


Step 1. Head to the App Store and install Referboard for your mobile device.



Step 2. After you’ve installed the app, head to the Referboard Registered Retailer page and find your favourite Retailers.



Step 3. Find an item you’d like to refer.



Step 4. Now, it’s time to enable the Referboard app. To do this, press the browser “share” button (should be in the centre at the bottom of your screen), swipe across to the “more” option, then hit “enable (change the grey switch to green)” next to Referboard. While on this page, press and hold the “three line icon” on the right and move the Referboard app to the top of the list confirming with “Done”. That’s it, you’re ready to start referring.

4-enable-1-share_btn 4-enable-2-morebtn 4-enable-3-activate

Step 5. On the item page, hit the “share” button again and find select Referboard. This will launch the Refer process.

4-enable-1-share_btn 5-share_refer2

Step 6. If required, log in with your email and password.


Step 7. Select an item category then wait a few seconds for the app to collect the item information. Complete the image and collection options as you would when referring from your desktop- then you’re done! Your product will now be added to your Referboard.


Download the Referboard app for iPhone and start referring on the go today.

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