The beauty of Referboard is that you can share your favourite items with your followers as soon as you spot them online. But what if you find something you just have to share while you’re on the go? Download the Android Referboard app and make shopping social wherever you are.


Step 1. Head to the Google Play Store and install Referboard for your mobile device.



Step 2. After you’ve installed the app, head to the Referboard Registered Retailer page and find your favourite Retailers.



Step 3. Find an item you’d like to refer.



Step 4. On the item’s information page, press your mobile browser’s “Share” button and select Referboard within the list.



Step 5. If required, log into the app with your email and password.



Step 6. Select an item category then wait a few seconds for the app to collect the item information. Complete the image and collection options as you would when referring from your desktop- then you’re done! Your product will now be added to your Referboard.

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Download the Android Referboard app to start referring on the go.


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