Once you’ve signed up to Referboard, the next step is to start referring items. Each item you refer will be added to your Referboard, which you can then share with your peers, followers, blog audience, friends and family. You’ll earn a commission for each sale made through one of your referrals, meaning you’re earning easy money by simply recommending items from your favourite retailers.

Signed up to Referboard already and want to start referring? Here’s how.

Referboard works best on Chrome or Firefox, so start by opening up your preferred browser and then make sure you have downloaded the Referboard browser extension for either Chrome or Firefox , depending on which one you choose to use.

Visit a web-store that you’d love to recommend items from by choosing from our list of partner retailers. We’ve got every base covered- from fashion to beauty, tech to homewares and interior decor to kids’ toys. Choose from niche boutiques like Hunting For George, online powerhouses such as Asos, Farfetch and The Iconic, or international designers including Gucci and Kurt Geiger.

When you’ve found the item you’d like to refer, click the Referboard browser extension in the top right corner of your browser window.




Select a category for the item you’re referring. This will make it easier for your audience and Referboard users to discover your referrals when they’re searching for items. Referboard will then collect the item information, getting it ready to add to your board.

Select the images you’d like to include on your board to give your followers the best possible look at the item. You can also create a collection of items for your board. This could be as open as a Christmas Gift Guide, or as specific as My Favourite Handbags.

Click “refer”. Your item has now been added to your Referboard and a unique tracking link has been auto-generated. You can now use your Referboard as your own online shop by directing your followers to your board or by adding your board to your own blog. You can also directly recommend specific items to individuals or groups by simply sharing the “tracking link”. You’ll also be able to find this link within your Referboard dashboard underneath each item.

Start referring today.

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