Referboard is an amazing way to make shopping social, but it’s also allows you to earn a passive income by simply recommending your favourite products to your friends, family and followers. If you love using Referboard to collate all of your favourite items in the one place, you’ll really love using the platform to earn some extra cash.

For each sale made via your Referboard, you’ll earn a commission! Referboard Retailers offer varied commission percentages starting at 5% and can be changed daily, meaning your commission percentage can change depending on which Retailer you refer from and the day of the sale. The up-to-date commission percentages are displayed on the Retailer List page.

Read on to learn 3 of the easiest ways to earn money using Referboard.


Direct your followers to your Referboard

Are you a social media wiz, but you don’t have (or rarely use!) your own blog? Paste the URL of your Referboard into your Instagram bio to turn the platform into your own online store!


You can also paste the URL of custom Collections, or even just refer one item at a time by using your own Referboard tracking link. To find this link, choose the item you’d like to refer to your followers (having already added it to your board), then copy the “Tracking Link” underneath the product image. Add this link to your Instagram bio, your tweets and your Facebook captions and start making sales!


Add a Collection or Shop Page to your blog

Collections are a great way to refer a smaller edit of items to your followers. Some Referboard users prefer to embed Collections into their blog posts (eg. they might create a Collection of Christmas gifts for children, then embed this in a blog post about picking the perfect Christmas presents for your family), while some have added a “Shop” page to their blog embedding their entire Referboard shop, transforming their website into an online shop.



Send a direct link to your friends and family

Not a blogger, but still want to earn some extra coin by referring your favourite products to your family members? Do your friends always turn to you for help with fashion, beauty, homewares or technology? Rather than sending them a normal link or telling them where to find the product you want to recommend them, add the product to your Referboard, copy and paste the “Tracking Link” and send it their way. If they buy your recommended product, you’ll earn a commission!


Start earning money with Referboard today.

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