One of the most effective ways to make sales and generate a passive income is to add your Referboard to your own blog or website. Better yet, using our Embed Collection Code to display your Referboard collections is a great way for your followers to shop at the point of inspiration.


Ultimately, you’ll be able to capitalise on your preexisting followers, allowing them to shop your recommendation directly on your site, rather than having to redirect them to your Referboard shop or simply hope that they land on your collections themselves.


How to find the Embed Collection Code 

To add a collection to your website, start by visiting your own Referboard. From here, click on the ‘Collections’ tab located on your dashboard towards the top of the page. Now click the “Embed” button which is located next to the collection you would like to showcase.











After clicking the ’embed’ button, your Embed Collection Code will pop up, which you will then need to copy.











Inserting the code into your blog 

Now you have accessed your code, it’s time to insert this code into your blog. To do so, locate the html text editor on your website and paste the code. Click to preview your changes and your collection will appear like below. Always remember to publish your changes so they are visible to your followers!

Customise your Referboard display settings 

You can easily edit your Referboard settings to ensure your board always appropriately reflects your brand. To do so, locate the drop down menu towards the top right of the page next to your profile name and click ‘Settings’.

From here, click ‘Edit’ under the ‘Board’ header of the left menu bar.

You can then customise your Referboard’s colour scheme, font and whether you would like your items or collections to be displayed first when your followers visit your board.


How to Hide Specific Collections

If you would like to hide one of your collections, it’s easy! Simply go to your Referboard dashboard, click on ‘collections’ then locate and lick the ‘edit’ button.













Once here, locate the dropdown menu and select ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to choose whether that collection is hidden or not.












There are many exciting ways to engage your audience with your Referboard. Embedding your collections to your blog is one of the ways in which you can inspire individuals to shop right at the point of inspiration, all the while earning a great income.