You know how to use Referboard to create a collection of your favourite items to refer to your followers and friends, so now it’s time to put those skills to good use. With the festive season well and truly upon us, Referboard is the perfect platform on which to create a Christmas gift guide. Think of it as your own personal gift registry, with a bonus- not only does it allow you to group together gift ideas into easy-to-access categories, you’ll also earn a commission on each sale made through your Referboard!


Step 1. Decide on a Collection theme

The most well-received Christmas gift guides have a specific theme to them, as a really general category will make it difficult for your followers to filter through what they do and don’t like. Think “Gifts Under $50”, “Presents For Her” or “2016 Beauty Gift Guide.” Ensure your Collection title is something that you’ll have fun creating and your followers will have fun pouring over.



Step 2. Start populating your Gift Guide

Adding items to your shoppable gift guide is as easy as visiting the websites of your favourite Referboard partners, selecting the items you’d love to Refer, hitting the Referboard browser plugin in the top right hand corner of the screen, then categorising each item into your chosen Collection as you add them to your Referboard. You can also add items to your Referboard without having created a Collection for them, then sort the items into Collections once you’re back on your own Referboard. Click here for a more detailed look at just how you can create Collections and add to them.



Step 3. Start sharing!

One of the best things about using Referboard is that it turns online shopping into a uniquely social experience, so a lot of the fun lies in sharing your picks. If you’re a blogger, a great idea is to create a specific “gift guide” blog post (or even multiple posts if you’re creating a number of guides, such as “for her,” “for him,” “for Kris Kringle” etc), then embed your Collection into that post (this will guarantee your loyal readers and followers won’t accidentally miss your Referboard) so they can shop directly through your blog. Another option is to simply share the link to your Referboard collection by adding it to your Instagram bio, or even texting or emailing it to your friends. If your mum asks what you’d like for Christmas this year, simply send her the link to your “All I Want For Christmas” Referboard Collection- she won’t have to visit the shops or trawl through the internet to find exactly what you’re after, plus you’ll earn some extra cash if she buys one of your suggestions!

Start creating gift guides today.

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