Steph Ling, the mastermind behind the popular blog ‘Overdressed Steph’, is bringing fashion and real talk to her followers. Having collaborated with ASOS, Rubi Shoes, Reebonz and many others, Steph is rubbing shoulders with some big names in the fashion industry. We caught up with her to discuss what she’s been up to, her take on this years biggest fashion trends and why you can’t miss her Referboard! 


You founded your blog ‘Overdressed Steph’ in late 2016. What motivated you to take your love of fashion to an online platform? 

The thought of having Overdressed Steph come to life late last year was actually due to a change in my working lifestyle. I had transformed from being a personal trainer working in a gym at almost all hours of the day, to working in a corporate office. Instagram had always been my number one favourite online platform and I was basically doing exactly what I do now but posting videos or photos of me training in the gym and creating relationships with brands that way. I’ve always felt that Instagram was one of the most creative and interactive platforms when it comes to sharing moments instantly and I wanted my fashion to eventually be a part of that.


What has been your biggest milestone since launching your blog? 

The biggest milestone for me has probably been getting to partner with Reebonz Australia and use their YSL heart bag to feature in some of my content. Designer bags are always a major love amongst my followers and myself included so getting to pick something of my choice and style it in a complete outfit was a huge honour.



What have been the top 3 fashion trends you’ve seen this year? Do they feature on your Referboard? 

Oh, there have been so many trends that I’ve seen and absolutely LOVED this year and they definitely are on my Referboard! My absolute favourite has been the fact that bold and bright colours are making the biggest comeback ever with all red looks on display as well as bright pinks and even yellow! People are really learning to step out of their comfort zones! The second trend would be a new modern way to wear a suit (not just for men). Women are embracing sexy, structured blazers and pants and rocking it with absolute STYLE and lastly layers and ruffles are still in! (thank god).


How would you best describe the types of items found on your Referboard? 

I wouldn’t have exactly said I have a tone to my Referboard but looking back at it now I can definitely notice a theme of recurring bursts of colour mixed in with your everyday neutrals. Items on my Referboard tend to range from swimwear to streetwear and everything in between. I’ve embraced more of a ‘girly’ style and am wearing/posting more pink and red tones because #springfashion



What are your best tips for those wanting to go out and follow their dreams?  

My number one best tip is to work hard and you’ll reap the benefits later. It’s so tough now in this industry of Instagram millennials to stand out and be unique so working hard to get where you want should always be a part of the equation but not without having some fun! Enjoy the benefits that come with your blog or Instagram and the many amazing people you’ll meet along the way because those people can and will become your best friends in life and are just virtually irreplaceable!


Where do you see yourself in the next year? What big plans do you have on the horizon?

In the next year my blog would have just turned one year old and I would love to be able to talk more in depth on my love for fashion just as I always have but on a much broader, larger scale. I would love to maybe start thinking about doing YouTube videos or even online styling sessions on my blog for others to watch. Offline I would love to actually be physically working in the same industry and become a social or digital media assistant in a PR or fashion company and get to be on the other side of blogger collaborations.


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