Meet Indianna Roehrich – the girl taking huge strides in the social media industry. Founding her company ‘Simply Social’ in 2015, Indianna took advantage of the gaps within traditional media to help modern businesses fulfil their ever-changing needs. Read below to get insights into how her work has shaped her style, why she knows Referboard is here to stay and more!  


You founded Simply Social Management in 2015. When did you realise the significant importance social media has for yourself and other brands? 

Social media can be a very powerful tool for brands and individuals when used right. I realised just how powerful it was when I implemented a social media strategy for my parents’ business and saw posts were converting into sales.


Being heavily involved in the fashion industry, how do you think it shaped your sense of style? 

Fashion is exciting. It’s a chance to express who you are, try new styles, see how they fit and feel when worn. No two days are the same at Simply Social MGT so I like wearing styles that can easily transform from meeting appropriate to event ready.













What do you think are the best ways to get the most out of Referboard? 

Refer products you like regularly, embed Referboard in with your website and create collections.


What is your number one favourite product that you have referred? 

I love the ASOS Pull&Bear One Shoulder Choker Ruffle Blouse. That’s been my biggest seller.













Fashion and social media really collide on Referboard. Being involved in both industries, how do you view the platform and how do you see Referboard growing in the years to come? 

Referboard allows to you to easily build your own shopping destination. Being a platform that is based on product recommendations and accessibly, it’s here to stay.


What can we expect to see from you in 2017? 

Social media is ever-changing and so is Simply Social MGT. It’s important that we’re is always adapting to new changes in the industry, so this excites me for 2017!


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