Jane and Emma of A Tale of Two Citys are best friends who bonded over a love of fashion. With 9 to 5 jobs, the duo use Referboard as a quick and easy way to get their daily fashion fix and share their favourite looks with their followers- and each other!


We spent 5 minutes with Jane and Emma to pick their brains on all things digital, their time in the bloggersphere, and how they use Referboard to earn a passive income and make shopping social.


1. Firstly, could you tell us a bit about what you both do?

We both have 9-5 jobs, Emma is a recruitment consultant and Jane is a procurement manager (buyer). In our spare time (all of it) we work on the blog and our socials so it can get a bit hectic at times but we’re loving it!!


2. How do you personally use Referboard? 

We use it to refer products that we blog about, we have a weekly shopping post on Friday, and we make sure all the items we post about can be linked back to Referboard. We also do a bit of shopping ourselves if the stores we are buying from are affiliated with Referboard we make sure to add it to our board first.


3. Your blog is a little different in that there’s two of you contributing. How do you use Referboard to showcase your individual styles?

We are really lucky because even though we do have individual styles, we are so alike to the point where one of us will go to refer a product only to find the other one has already done it! We don’t tend to have clashing styles so it really just works.

4. What would be your advice to someone wanting to make the most out of Referboard?

It’s important to refer as many products as you can and let your audience know by pointing them to your blog so they click on the links. It’s also important to keep your Referboard up to date and remove out of stock items. There’s nothing worse than clicking on a link to find its no longer live.


5. Can you let us know what we can expect to see from A Tale of Two Citys in 2017?

For 2017 I think you can expect big things from us, we now have a feel for what works and what doesn’t and last year was our first year blogging and posting to social media so we’re excited to see where this year takes us. We also have some travel on the horizon so excited to take our followers along with us!!

Check out all of Jane and Emma’s favourite products on their Referboard!

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