You know that adding your Referboard to your blog or website, using tracking links in your blog posts and adding your Referboard URL to your social media platforms will do wonders for your Referboard sales, but there are some other really simple tips you can adopt to fully optimise your board. Here are our top 3 tips for getting the most out of your Referboard (with very little effort!).

Tip 1. Refer Regularly 

The more often (and more products!) you Refer, the more often your referrals will be featured in prime position on your followers Referboard dashboards. As other Referboard users are scrolling through the platform looking for new fashion, home and beauty items, your referred items will be the first pieces they see if you refer regularly. More eyes on your referred items means your chances of making a successful sale are far greater.

Tip 2. Add a Profile Picture and Cover Photo

You’ll notice that on your dashboard, the profile pictures of your favourite bloggers will appear just beside each of their referrals. Adding a profile picture makes your page instantly more recognisable- adding a profile picture greatly increases the likelihood of other Referboard users to click through from a product to your complete board. Adding a cover image also allows you to turn your board into your own personal shop. Make the themes of your blog or website and Referboard the same to really show your followers your unique style.

Tip 3.¬†Use ‘Stories’ To Drive Traffic To Your Board

It’s great to add your Referboard URL to your Instagram bio, however unless your followers are actively visiting your profile (rather than just viewing your content in their overall news feed), the link may go unnoticed. How to combat this? Use Instagram’s “Stories” feature to let your followers know when you’ve added new items to your Referboard. You can also post images of the physical items you’ve referred, be it a new outfit or a beauty product you’ve been using, and tell them to check out your board to purchase the item directly. Don’t forget to include your Referboard URL or username in the copy.